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Tiger Tim Charity Gig - 15/05/2010


On Saturday, 15th May, Marti appeared at the Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow at a very special gig that was to raise funds for the legendary Scottish DJ Tim Stevens, affectionately known as Tiger Tim. Tim suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and has been receiving pioneering treatment which is only available in Poland. This event which was organised by Wets' drummer, Tommy Cunningham, was to raise funds for Tim's treatment and was something very close to Marti's heart!

Many other stars appeared on the night, providing a wonderful night of entertainment to a packed house!

Tiger Tim1 Tiger Tim2

Marti sang three songs on his own -

It was a superb performance!!!

Towards the end of the show, Marti was back on stage, this time joined by Tommy Cunningham, Graeme Clark and Graeme Duffin. It was fantastic to see Wets performing together again!! Their set comprised of three of their best loved songs -

All of the performers joined Wets on stage for the final song! It was a very emotional occasion, especially for Tim and his family.

Wets - Tiger Tim


Tiger Tim Gallery 1

Tiger Tim Gallery 2


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