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The Regal Theatre, Tenbury Wells - 26th/27th June 2009


Tenbury flyerregal, tenbury

A series of live gigs were arranged for the Regal Theatre, Tenbury Wells in an attempt to get the theatre up and running as a music venue. With only 251 seats, it makes for intimate gigs!


Marti was on top form for these Sentimental Me gigs and was backed once again by superb musicians!

All were fantastic and as usual Marti and Jim interacted with each other so well and they were really funny! Once again Marti related some stories to go along with the songs. chatting to the crowd! The small venue made for a great atmosphere!

The jazz set was concluded with a real treat for everyone!

Tenury 04

Marti's version of What's Going On was fantastic and a song that we'd not heard him singing before!!! Needless to say, he sang superbly and put on fabulous shows, yet again! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the shows, many people commented that this was the best they'd ever seen Marti solo!!

Tenbury Wells, Gallery 1

Tenbury Wells, Gallery 2 Chris Sheehan


Chris Sheehan who originates from Stockport but now lives in London, supported Marti in Tenbury Wells and was well received by everyone. Chris is a very talented singer/songwriter with a great sense of humour! As well as supporting Marti, Chris was a co-writer on the stunning Devil And The Monkey!

Check out the Chris Sheehan Website.



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