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Smile Tour

Smile prog


2001 was a very busy year for Marti, releasing his first solo album, Smile, plus two singles from the album, Close To You and I've Been Around The World. As if that wasn't enough with all of the promotional work involved with the three releases, he also went back to Memphis to work with Willie Mitchell and to film a documentary. He was honoured by being given "the keys to the city" and The White House proclaimed that May 9th would be Official Marti Pellow Day in Memphis, Tennessee! In November he would perform at the World Men's Day Gala in Vienna.

At the end of the year, we were treated to another fantastic tour! Although there were only 7 dates on this tour, the venues were arenas. The set comprised of another great mix of Wets' classics , a cover of James Taylor's Fire And Rain and Marti's own songs including a beautiful love song, My Love, that he had only just written!




Smile flyer






Bournemouth Gallery

Marti's band -

Backing vocals by Jackie Johnson, Louise Marshal and Charlotte Hodson.

Riverway provided the support for Marti on this tour. An excellent 5 piece band (4 of them brothers and related to Elvis Costello) who can also be found on Facebook.


On the back of the Smile Tour programme, there was some vague information about another show that Marti would be doing called "Girl's Night Out" at the Royal Albert Hall and in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust. At this point, we didn't know what sort of a show this would be but in fact, it proved to be a major turning point in Marti's career!

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