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Just The Two Of Us


2nd January-7th January 2007

Marti’s first reaction to being asked to take part in this celebrity singing competition was ‘No’. He has made it known that ‘reality’ TV shows don’t appeal to him but when he realised this wasn't a reality show as we've Marti & Hannah1come to know them, he became interested. Professional singers would be paired with other celebrities, who would not normally sing publicly. Having the reference point of music and the knowledge that he would be able to choose the songs he would sing made a big difference for Marti. Getting to know how passionate the programme makers were about what they were doing made him even more interested and of course singing on BBC1 for a possible 6 consecutive nights has its attractions! In addition, proceeds from the phone vote would go to Comic Relief.

To begin with, the professional singers and celebrities did not know who they were to be paired with. Marti’s partner turned out to be Hannah Waterman. Hannah is an actress, best known for her part as Laura Beale in Eastenders but she has also had parts in other TV dramas and some theatre. By her own admission, singing is not one of Hannah’s strengths and she was surprised to get through the audition for Just The Two Of Us.


When Hannah and Marti appeared on GMTV on the morning of the first show, clips showed that rehearsals had been a bit fraught for Hannah at times. Marti was very encouraging though and said that Hannah had worked very hard in the 2-3 weeks they had been in rehearsals and they agreed that they’d had a lot of laughs too. Hannah was in fact VERY pleased to have been paired with Marti!


The other couples taking part were:

Brendan Cole with Beverley Knight
John Bardon with Jocelyn Brown
Julia Bradbury with Tony Christie
Luke Bailey with Natasha Hamilton
Mark Butcher with Sarah Brightman
Janet Ellis with Alexander O’Neill
Greg Wallace with Carol Decker  

Loui Batley was originally a contestant, too, partnered by Russell Watson, but unfortunately, the pair had to withdraw due to Russell’s ill health. The show was presented by Vernon Kay and Tess Daly and the panel of judges consisted of DJ Trevor Nelson; former drummer with The Police, Stewart Copeland; singing coach Cece Sammy and former Jackson Five member, Tito Jackson. Throughout the competition, Marti was introduced ‘Multi-platinum selling artist, Marti Pellow’.

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