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Between The Covers Tour


BTC prog




Originally planned for October 2003, the Between The Covers Tour had to be postponed until the beginning of the following year. This tour saw Marti adding some jazz classics to his set for the first time, although they were to become a regular feature! These songs he dedicated to his mum as they were some of her favourites!







Additional songs which were not included in every show - Beyond The Sea; Fire And Rain; Follow You, Follow Me.

Once again, this was a superb tour! The jazz songs being a lovely addition to a wonderful set!

BTC 1st dates


BTC final dates


Hammersmith Gallery 

Plymouth Gallery

Nottingham Gallery 1

Nottingham Gallery 2









Marti's band -

Backing vocals - Jackie Johnson and Louise Marshall.

The support act for this tour were two working class lads from Cumbria - John and Wayne. Carpenters by trade, John Dunnery and Wayne Wilkinson always dreamt of being musicians. The music and sense of humour proved to be a big hit with Marti's fans! You can follow John and Wayne on Facebook. They were ably assisted by the beautiful vocals of Dorie Jackson! Dorie also appeared on Marti's Alone Tour when she backed Chris Difford and sang Labelled With Love with both Chris and Marti! Since then, Dorie has also recorded a lovely duet with Marti called Heavy. Dorie also has a Facebook page.

John, Wayne & Dorie


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