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Alone Tour


Alone prog

Billed as "Marti Pellow Alone In Concert, Except For His Best Friend Chris Difford", Chris supported Marti on this tour and joined him on stage to perform the Squeeze classic, "Labelled With Love" together. Each show started with Marti coming on stage to introduce Chris, much to the delight of the audience! Introducing Chris


Once again, Marti treated us to a mixed set comprising of his own songs, some from the Wet Wet Wet back catalogue and a few covers. He told many interesting stories of his inspiration whilst writing and why he had chosen certain covers. He seemed very relaxed, chatting with the audience!





"Love Me The Way That I Love You" was added to the set list part way through the tour. It was a beautiful song that he had only just written and it was, as he said, "just out of the box".

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Marti was also joined on this tour by Wet Wet Wet guitarist Graeme Duffin!

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Marti's band -

Alone tour band




Chris Difford was a superb support act! He was accompanied on stage by Melvin Duffy with Dorie Jackson providing backing vocals. Chris performed his solo songs alongside some Squeeze classics!

Chris and Marti have been close friends for a long time and of course, Chris has written the lyrics for most of Marti's solo songs! They make a fantastic partnership and It was really great to see them on stage together!




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