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1st Solo Tour

1st Tour Prgo


On 8th November 2000, Marti embarked on his first solo tour, doing 10 shows in 7 cities. Of course, he had no way of knowing if this tour and his solo career in general would be a success. Just because Wet Wet Wet had built up a huge following, didn't necessarily mean that the same would happen for Marti as a solo artist. Thankfully, his first tour and everything else that he has done since have been hugely successful!


Marti's set list of this tour was a mix of old Wets' favourites, a couple of covers and some of his brand new songs from his long awaited, forthcoming debut album, Smile.



For this tour, Marti had three ladies backing him - Jackie Johnson, Louise Marshall and Erica Youngblood. Jackie also came down to the front of the stage to sing "It Should Have Been Me" on her own and she proved very popular amongst Marti's fans!

Everyone loved Marti's new songs, making them even more excited about his new album!

1st Tour Flyer
Royal Albert Hall Gallery


Marti's band for this tour was as follows

Bex, a young lady from South London, provided support with her band. She had previously worked with many of the big names in the music industry.


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